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Small Flake Wood Shavings Bale

Small Flake Wood Shavings Bale


Produced from a variety of softwood conifers, primarily spruce.

gathered from a variety of sawmills

Over 95% of particles are between 2 and 25 mm in size.

Wood fibre content of 99 percent plus moisture content of 10 to 25 percent
(Based on a Dry Weight Basis)

The weight-to-volume ratio (bulk density) is usually in the 30-75 kg/m3 range.

466 Litres per bale as a result of the process (Average)

The pH level should be between 5.5 and 6.5.

Foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic, and other non-essential items are removed to the best of our ability.

The colour is white/light brown, and the odour is often dry and woody.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Carolyn Molyneux
Misleading images

Images show 2 bales, for two bales the price is good. For one bale it is not good value compared to other similar online pet supply stores. The discription states a weight but I don't know how much they normally weigh but hastily bought based on the images and price to make up carriage paid on my order for guinea pig food. Please only show in an image what you will receive as the bags of food only had one bag not two so don't know why th e shavings are photographed like this.