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20kg bag of Johnston & Jeff Foreign Finch

Johnston & Jeff Foreign Finch


Whilst providing feeds for each individual species, may birds can happily live together in mixed aviaries. As preferential feeders they won’t stick to their own feeds if offered separately but will seek out what is available to them and what more dominant species will allow. Therefore a single feed offered in multiple feed areas is a better option. This blend of 11 ingredients is designed especially for this purpose including all seeds readily taken by Budgerigars, Canaries, Finches and Parakeets.

99.9% pure, a mix of canary seeds, millet seeds(including panicum and white millet) ideal for zebras bengalese, gouldians etc

Canary seed, rapeseed, linseed, niger seed, white millet, panicum, red millet, naked oats, paddy rice, salflower seed, small striped sunflower.

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