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20kg Johnston & Jeff ABZ Finch Seed

Johnston & Jeff ABZ Finch Seed


This mix was originally formulated for Australian Waxbills, Bengalese and Zebra finches (hence the name). It is now fully updated, with extra ingredients for enhanced balance and nutritional content. It provides amino acids and proteins available in Jap millet, highly digestible soft white millet, red millet and both yellow panicum and the fine red panicum. To the best available canary seed we also add Niger for its oil, amino acid and calcium content.

  • Johnston & Jeff are one of the very few seed manufacturers in the UK
  • We're a British company - in fact, a Yorkshire company
  • For our bird foods, we source seeds and ingredients for quality and correctness, not price - including the growing of certain crops to our own specifications
  • We clean our seeds and feeds exhaustively - this is unique in this industry
  • It utilises the finest millets

 This mixture has been formulated especially for Australian, Bengalese and Zebra Finches, and contains a blend of Canary Seed, various millets and Niger Seed.

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canary seed, white millet, Jap millet, niger seed, panicum, red milletseed, red panicum

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