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  • James Wellbeloved Dog Junior Turkey & Rice
James Wellbeloved Dog Junior Turkey & Rice Dry Dog Food
James Wellbeloved Dog Junior Turkey & Rice Dry Dog Food

James Wellbeloved Dog Junior Turkey & Rice


James Wellbeloved Junior Turkey & Rice dry dog food uses a unique recipe to help keep your puppy or working dog bounding full of energy and free from food intolerances. Working on the knowledge that most allergies in dogs are caused by beef, pork, soya, wheat or wheat gluten, dairy products or eggs, James Wellbeloved omit these ingredients from all of their hypoallergenic foods. Turkey is used as the only source of protein for the same reason: a single protein source is much kinder on your dog's digestive system.
James Wellbeloved is free from sugar and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. As this particular food is aimed at puppies and working dogs, it has exceptionally high protein and energy levels, while still being gentle on the digestive tract.

James Wellbeloved dog food contains the following particular ingredients for a healthy and happy dog:

Every essential vitamin, including vitamins A, D, E and vitamin B complexes
Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant
Prebiotic fibres from chicory extract that are rich in inulin and help keep the intestines healthy
All of the vital minerals (e.g. calcium, phosphorous) and trace elements (e.g. zinc, magnesium, selenium)

This James Wellbeloved Junior Turkey & Rice dry food is the best way to give your puppy a complete, balanced diet:

Turkey: is the only hypoallergenic source of light meat protein and very easy to digest. White turkey is even better than chicken for a hypoallergenic diet. Other animal proteins that may cause allergic reactions are not included in this product. James Wellbeloved is a natural product and the animal proteins in it are gently cooked, so-called hydrolysates are not included. Even the fats come exclusively from turkey
Wholegrain rice: a good source of digestible carbohydrates for sensitive stomachs, barley provides extra fibre. A good source of digestible energy
Linseed: rich in omega fatty acids which help to keep your pet's coat soft and glossy
Dried sugar beet: a natural source of dietary fibre for healthy guts
Yucca extract: a natural method of odour reduction so that removing the poop isn't such a terrible jobNatural seaweed: rich in iodine and prebiotic fibres to help to boost the metabolism and good intestinal health
Alfalfa: a natural source of essential minerals and antioxidants to help support the metabolism to keep in good health

Turkey meal (24.0%), white rice (20.0%), brown rice (20.0%), naked oats, turkey fat (5.0%), whole linseed, pea protein, turkey gravy (2.9%), sugar beet pulp, alfalfa meal, pea fibre, seaweed, sodium chloride, omega supplement*, chicory extract (0.25%), potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, yucca extract (0.02%) * from fish oils.
Analytical Composition
Protein 25%, Fat 12.5%, Fibre 2.5%, Ash 7.2%

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