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Extra Select Nature Swan & Duck Feed 1 litre
15kg bag of Extra Select Nature Swan & Duck Feed
Extra Select Nature Swan & Duck Feed 5 litre

Extra Select Nature Swan & Duck Feed


Extra Select Swan and Duck Food is a complementary feed for Swan, Duck, and Waterfowl.

It is made from natural floating pellets which means it is easy to access by ducks and marine life.  It offers a well balanced feed for adult ducks and swans, as well as growing and breeding waterfowl.  It contains high levels of fish meat and shrimp which means it will be very popular at your local pond!

Wheat, Maize, Salmon Meal, Peas, Sunflower Seed Meal, Whole Linseed, Prairie Meal, Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements
Analytical Composition
Crude Protein 16% Crude Fats and Oils 4% Crude Fibres 3.8% Crude Ash 6.2% Moisture 9%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Swans love it!

A great floating food pellet which ducks, swans and moorhens love. They race over when I'm walking along the canal! Great price & quick delivery too.

Kay Carter

Good price swans and ducks love it

christine walters
Very happy

Good quality food very speedy delivery

Swans love it

I tried the 1 litre size, with 2 swans on my local lake and they loved it, so I went up to the 5litre size. I only feed 2 swans, but they get through so much of the feed that I’ve had to buy the large sack!
As I’m feeding the swans I often drop a few pellets on the floor by accident , and I can confirm that it’s also loved by gulls, crows, magpies and believe it or not a blackbird who hops about picking any up that drop on the floor,,,, I was worried that they were too big for him, but he seems ok ,,,, and he prefers this to the Wild Bird mix that I bought especially for him.
I’m feeding this pair of swans about 5 ot 6 times a week, they now come swimming over when I call them for their breakfast.
The food does float well and it’s all cleaned up by the various birds by the end of the feeding session.

Jill Hassan
Great swans love it

Would like a quantity discount offer as Im halfway through my 2nd sack after just 14 days.