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  • Extra Select Robin & Songbird
Extra Select Robin & Songbird 5 ltr
12.75kg bag of Extra Select Robin & Songbird
Extra Select Robin & Songbird loose seed
Robin and Songbird Wild Bird Food Mix in nature

Extra Select Robin & Songbird


A Complete Robin and Songbird Mix from Extra Select

Extra Select Robin & Songbird mix is high energy, protein-rich food that has been blended to meet the nutritional needs of a variety of wild bird species. Peanut granules contain the peanut nib - the part of the nut with the greatest nutrient density and raisins are added for additional antioxidants and vitamin C.


  • High Energy
  • Protein Rich
  • Vat Free
  • Nutritional needs for variety of wild birds
  • Peanut granules contain peanut nib


Perfect for feeling Robins and Songbirds all year round. 

Best fed from a feeder or wild bird table. 

Complementary food for wild birds may contain nuts.

Available Size

5ltr & 12.75kg

cut maize, red millet seed, sunflower hearts, peanut granules, pinhead oatmeal, mealworms, raisins, suet pellets, vegetable oil
Analytical Composition
Protein 16.7%, Fat 22.9%, Starch Carb 45.5%, Ash 3.0%

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