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Extra Select Niger Seed 5 litre
12.75kg bag of Extra Select Niger Seed
20kg bag of Extra Select Niger Seed
photo of a pile of Extra Select Niger Seed
Extra Select Niger Seed 5 litre bucket

Extra Select Nyger Seed


Complete and delicious Nyger Seeds from Extra Select

Extra Select Niger Seeds are a fantastic small seed that's easy to digest and packed with oils, protein, and energy. The Niger seed (also known as Nyger seed or Nyjer seed) is a little black seed produced by the Guizotia flower, a delicate yellow bloom endemic to Africa. To give your birds a more diversified diet, mix Niger Seed with other seeds. It's ideal for treating little birds in your region, with goldfinches being particularly fond of it. It is loved by finches and tits and its favourable amino acid pattern means it is very useful when fledglings are about.


  • Complementary wild bird feed
  • Regular source of vital protein
  • Vat free
  • Easily digestible

Not to be confused with thistle for which it is often mistaken (and often mis-sold).

You will need a special feeder for Niger because the seeds are so light and will be blown out of the usual tubular types, but it’s certainly worth it.

Best fed from a feeder.

Available Size

5ltr, 12.75 & 20kg

Niger Seeds
Analytical Composition
Protein 24%, Fat 39%, Starch 17%, Ash 11%

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