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Extra Select Hen Flint Grit for Poultry

Extra Select Hen Flint Grit


A complete Hen Flint Grit from Extra Select

Poultry should always have access to grit especially if they are confined in a run or indoors.

Grit aids their digestion because it acts as the hens 'teeth' in the crop to grind up the food. This is a flint grit which is just the right size for poultry.

Essentially there are two different types of poultry grit available – insoluble or Flint grit, and soluble grit (usually crushed Oyster Shell). They each have certain benefits to your poultry’s general wellbeing, so it's important to know what each is used for and whether you should be supplying them to your hens.

Helping to promote digestion in poultry, Flint Grit passes through the bird to the gizzard. Making sure the grit is a suitable size for your bird is extremely important, as if it is too small it will simply pass through the bird with no benefit at all. Suitable for hens, Extra Select Flint Grit is used to grind down food so that it can be more easily digested.

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