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20kg bag of Johnston & Jeff Widowhood Sport

Johnston & Jeff Widowhood Sport

A complete utility bird feed for Widowhood Pigeons 
Johnston & Jeff Euro Widowhood Pigeon Mix is a complete feed made with only the high quality ingredients you’d expect from Johnston & Jeff.
  • A complete feed made with only the highest quality ingredient
  • Developed to give the right levels of nutrients, richness and variety

Johnston & Jeff’s blends are individually developed to give the right levels of nutrients, richness and variety, and the results shine through. Birds thrive. Johnston & Jeff only use top quality ingredients and never compromise. Many of Johnston & Jeff’s ingredients are human grade and critically, they clean seed and nut types individually to a purity level of 99.9%.

Maize, Wheat, Maple Peas, Red Dali, Australian Peas, Blue Peas, Safflower, White Dari Tares, Yellow Peas

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