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  • When can you feed fish wheatgerm?

When can you feed fish wheatgerm?

on January 04, 2021

Potentially all year round however your fish could end up putting on extra weight!  Wheatgerm fish food is ideal for feeding your pond fish in low temperatures.

When the temperature of the water drops below 10C you should exclusively only feed a wheat germ based diet. Although lower than 6C for some pond fish the lower temperature send the fish into a state of semi-hibernation actually require no feeding at all until the temperature rises back above this temperature as the food can cause issues as they are unable to digest the food and will just sit in their stomach and rot.

Its recommended that between water temperature 10 to 15C  that mix of a high protein diet with a wheat-germ based food like Extra Select Wheatgerm 

The nutritional needs for your pond fish change throughout the year. With the warmed weather bringing on more activity. Its important feeding your pond fish the right diet with quality food but one that is the most recommended for the time of year.

When we head back into spring once again, the process is reversed by starting with a wheatgerm based diet then combine both wheatgerm and protein and when we head back in to temperatures back up to 16C where its on a high protein diet only.

Wheat germ is low in protein and is easily more digestible when your fish become more dormant and the activity levels are lowered. The benefits of wheatgerm fish food include all pond fish and particular Koi carp. 

Here at My Pet Supply we have a range of wheatgerm pond fish foods, that include Extra Select Wheatgerm Pellets. Wheatgerm pond fish foods can provide excellent health benefits for your aquatic pond during cold winter months.

Fish are cold blooded and as the temperature drops in the water it drops the metabolism. This is due to the fact they swim around less. Due to the slow protein content, wheatgerm food helps with digestion and is ideal for feeding your pond fish when the temperatures start to fall. This is where special food for fish such as wheatgerm fish food is beneficial to help to keep your fish healthy.

Wheatgerm is an embryo of the plant, the reproductive part that germinates and grows new vegetation. Wheatgerm is naturally high in complex fats. Its something that is essential during the cold.

In summary it is usually around mid September time, to start including wheatgerm in with your fishes regular food onwards. Increasing the ratio gradually until you are exclusively feeding 100% wheatgerm. Its advisable to stop feeding when temperatures are lower than 6C. Then when we reach springtime reverse this process when the water rises to above 6C.


Photo by Jason Wu on Unsplash

Tips for feeding your fish

Don't feed fish more than can eat in about 2 to 3 minutes as they usually consume what they need within this amount of time. Remember uneaten fish food will simply float into your skimmer where it decomposes. Not to mention the more feed pond fish the more waste they produce which in turn could cause an imbalance for your ponds ecosystem.

We hope you have found this blog helpful and if you have any more tips? Let us know in the comments box below.

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by David on December 10, 2021

Thanks for kind advice. I thought this might be the case, but wasn’t quite sure of the figures.

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