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What Treats are good for cats?

on December 10, 2021

Cat owners, like all pet owners, like to show their cats love with affection, head boops, belly rubs (when allowed) and of course treats.  Giving your cat treats helps strengthen the bond between pet and owner, they also are a useful reward for cats and great for training.  Sometimes cats will only do what you’ve asked if a treat is on offer, such is the personality of cats.  The rustling of a treat bag, however, will likely get most cats attention.

So what treats should you be feeding your cat, and what should you avoid?  This isn’t as easy as it sounds as many treats are loaded with sugar, calories and added sodium.  This can be an issue if you’re trying to help your kitty loose weight, or if they are on a specific diet, perhaps avoiding wheat or grains. Much like with Humans, feeding too many of these unhealthy treats can take an otherwise healthy cat and create health concerns or added weight.

Whilst healthy treats may sound like a misnomer, there are actually quite a few options available that are low in fat and very palatable for your cat, without being full of salt, sugar, and empty calories.  With a large range of cat treats available, cat owners can usually find something to suit their pet even if they have a food allergy or dietary restrictions.

Cat laying on floor with paws in the air

What treats should I feed my cat?

You should first and foremost consider any dietary requirements or allergies your cat may have.  From there, natural cat treats, or those with simple ingredients are the one’s we’d look at first.  These are treats that are either natural in nature, or haven’t gone through a massive amount of processing.  They also tend to contain less salt and sugar than other types of cat treat.  Natural treats come in a range of types and sizes.  They can include bones, chews, skins or freeze dried meat.  We’ve listed a few of these types below :

King Catnip Dental Stalks
These are as simple as a cat chew can get, made only from the dried stalks of a catnip plant.  Because of the catnip, cats will find these chews irresistible, and it also means that none of the catnip plant has gone to waste.  These cat chews also come from a sustainable source, so added bonus points there!  As your cat chew the stalks,  they help remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gums!

Pet Munchies Gourmet Chicken Liver
Pet Munchies make 100% natural treats, and these cat treats deliver in that respect.  They are made from 100% quality chicken liver, nothing else added.  This means they are wheat, cereal and gluten free.  Being chicken, they are also naturally low in fat and high in protein.  The Pet Munchie Gourmet Cat treat range also has other flavours that your cat may prefer.

Natures Menu Real Meaty Salmon & Trout
Cats love fish, and these Natures Menu cat treats will be a firm favourite with your pet.  They are made with 95% meat and fish, they are gluten free, and bite size, so they are perfect for training or little rewards.  Because of the high meat quantity, they complement a raw diet.  These cat treats also come in a variety of flavours so you can test each one to see if your cat has a preference.

True Hemp Calming Cat Treats
Seeing your cat stressed and anxious is always a difficult thing, which is where these treats from True Leaf come in.  Made from natural ingredients, including hemp leaf and green tea, which help to reduce tension and bring calm to your pet.  These are very popular to feed around times of stress, such as moving house or fireworks.  They are grain free, and very crunchy which makes them very appetising to your cat.  There are 5 different types of True Hemp cat treats including Senior, Anti-Hairball, Urinary Tract, Skin and Coat and Calming.

Webbox Cat Delight Tasty Sticks
With no grains or wheat included, and made with 75% meat & fish, these cat treats are ideal to feed as a chew, or broken into smaller bits to use when training.  Uniquely, each chew is wrapped in foil for freshness.  They are also suitable for cats of all ages, including kittens once they’re eating solid food.

Cute cat walks towards camera

These are just a few suggestions for cat treats that your pet will love, and are natural or have a simple ingredient list.  There are many more types available which your cat may also love.  No matter what cat treat you feed, to avoid unwanted weight gain, always make sure to read the feeding guidelines carefully.  If in doubt, try to keep treats to 10% or less of your cats diet.

What treats does your cat love?  Let us know in the comments!

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