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What are the differences in cat litter?

on January 29, 2021

Choosing the best cat litter for your cat its important to compare the different types of cat litter and the materials that they are made from. There are many different types available and finding the right cat litter is important to meet your felines friends. Let us break down some of the available options in what different types of cat litter available so that you can make your choice as to what cat litter to use in your household.

What are the most common type of cat litter used?

the most common 4 types used include the following:

  • Clumping

  • Non Clumping

  • Crystal litter

  • Litter made with natural materials

So you maybe starting to ask does it matter what type of cat litter you use?


The type of cat litter you use is down to personal choice and what is suited for your cat. However there are many differences and characteristics of different types of cat litter which should be taken into consideration.

One of the first main differences in cat litter is whether they are a clumping cat litter or a non clumping cat litter.

Clumping cat litter allows clumps to form and usually bentonite from a type of clay mined from the earth that forms clumps when moisture hits. This allows the urine to be scooped and removed from the cat litter tray easily and is probably the most popular.

So are there anything else you need to know about clumping cat litter? Clumping cat litter can end up quite dusty and non biodegradable. Clumping cat litter is also not usually recommended for kittens as they tend to play and ingest and eating could cause life threatening intestinal obstruction. How often should you change clumping cat litter? Clumping cat litter tends to last longer. Ideally spot clean your cat tray daily and replace the litter at least once a week.

Why would you use non clumping cat litter? The reasons you would use Non clumping cat litter is that it works the opposite of clumping cat litter that although it is also mined from the earth it does non clump up when moisture hits it. However it is usually cheaper than the other types of cat litter. 

So is there anything else you need to know about non clumping cat litter? Non clumping cat litter is usually cheaper to purchase than the other types of cat litter however there is usually more waste and it does not tend to last as long and can be quite dusty and non-biodegradable.

Crystal cat litter are usually made from silica and there are different types available. Crystal cat litter is super absorbent and can last a long time with very litter odour. Out of the different types of cat litters available, crystal cat litter are not normally dusty and some change colour to indicate if the tray has been used or if your cat has a urinary tract problem. 

What else should I know about crystal cat litter? Well, crystal cat litters can often end up more expensive than other types of cat litter available. Some cats also could take a dislike as some of the crystals can be in irregular shapes so could be a little sharp or pokey against there paws. Its also not suitable for kittens as could try to digest which could cause issues due to the material.

Cat litter made from natural materials usually include pine, corn or wheat. These type of cat litter tend not to be dusty and usually are biodegradable with most not clumping up.

What else should I know about cat litter made from natural materials? If your cat has a food allergy to what the cat litter is made from then this has the potential to cause a big reaction. The exception to the rule on clumping is Worlds Best Cat Litter as unlike the others it is made from cornmeal.

There are at least 8 different types of cat litter if not more which include the following:

  • Clay Litter
  • Silica Gel Litter
  • Paper Litter
  • Pine Litter
  • Wheat Litter
  • Grass Litter
  • Corn Litter
  • Walnut Shell Litter


How do I choose cat litter?

 The main differences in choosing cat litter include the following:
  • Odour - Some cat litters are more effective with regards to odour control
  • Amount of dust - Some cat litters are low or dust free
  • Absorbency - Some cat litters such as silica are higher 
  • Clumps or non clumping - This impacts how often pet parents clean and empty the litter box. Clumping forms a solid mass for quick and easy waste removal and are need to be fully changed less often than non clumping
  • Texture - Some cat litters are coarser, softer, finer granules and sizes can vary
  • Scent - Litter comes in both scented and unscented varieties. Scented litter are designed to mask the smell from a cat litter box odour however some cats dislike strong scents where as unscented rely on ingredients like carbon and natural plant extracts to help absorb the odours from the urine and feces
  • Price - The prices can vary between the different types although due to the different materials and characteristics of each, quality, volumes and frequency in how long they are effective. 
  • Your cats preference!!!!!!! Cats can be quite fussy especially when it comes to their litter



We hope you have found this article on differences in cat litter useful and why not take a look at our current selection that our shop has to offer. Feel free to share this blog to your friends and place any comments you would like to share from personal experience in the comments box below. 

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