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What are the benefits of salmon oil?

on February 04, 2021


The benefits of salmon oil can help provide a variety of benefits to improve overall health.
Our focus today in this article is to provide you with some information about salmon oil and its unique benefits and some key information surrounding it for your pet.
Salmon is a nutrient filled fish beneath its skin and many of its benefits come naturally from their diet.

Salmon oil is well known for being a rich source of omega 3 and can have key benefits such as the following:

• Healthy skin and coat condition
• Soothes itchy and dry skin
• Aid joint mobility
• Supports immune system
• Vets recommend Omega 3 fatty acids for superior heart health
Salmon oil is a natural supplement health product suitable for dogs, cats and horses.

Omega 3 has a wide range of positive health effects and Salmon oil is one of the most popular health product supplements used. For example in dogs Omega 3 fatty acids can contribute to the brain development of puppies, strengthen immune system, reduce inflammation and benefit heart health. If Omega 3 is something you would like to find out about in a little more detail, we have a link to an article that you may find interesting which is provided towards the end of this article.

Did you know that your dog or cat is not able to produce their own Omega 3 or Omega-6 therefore needing to obtain this from their diets.

What does salmon do for the body?

Salmon oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin, coat and cognitive function.

This can help towards improving your animals general health and to keep well

Is salmon oil good for joint pain?

Salmon oil can aid joints and hip mobility by assisting to reduce inflammation that causes pain and discomfort in joints. If you would like further advice regarding this it maybe worth speaking with your local veterinarian.


Is salmon oil good for dogs or cats itchy skin?

Salmon oil is a natural supplement that can be used to help reduce itchy and flaky skin that could help soothe your dogs or cats itchy skin. Dry and itchy skin is a nuisance for your pet and could provide itch relief. salmon oil doesn’t need a prescription and can assist to reduce inflammation for things like environmental allergies.

Should I take salmon oil?

Salmon oil is a popular choice of natural supplement for dog or cat. If you are looking for a way to get more essential omega 3 into your dog or cat salmon oil could be a good option. Ultimately it is your choice as a pet parent. You can always ask your local vet for further advice if it is right for your dog or cat if you have any further questions.

Can I give my dog salmon oil everyday?

We would recommend following the manufacturers usage guidance on the salmon oil product for your dog or cat. However we have confirmation that for example Lovejoys Pure & Simple Salmon Oil can be administered on a daily basis following the recommended dosage for your dog or cat.

Whilst salmon oil can be beneficial health product and providing omega 3 into your pets diet, its important not to overdose on omega 3 in salmon oil as it can have adverse on your pet such as causing vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you have any questions, ask your local veterinarian if it is right for your dog or cat.

Are all salmon oils the same?

The simple answer is no! not all salmon oils are the same.
Salmon oil can be a great supplement for dog and cats but not all of the oils are the same!
It is important to know the different factors that go into a quality fish oil supplement.

9 of the key differences in salmon oil can include:

1. Ingredients - whether they are pure, or whether for example preservatives, artificial colours
have been added.
2. Source of ingredients - wild or farmed salmon both in life the fish lead and the food they consume hence the nutritional vales for the consumer and can also effect the levels of of omega 3 the product contains.
3. Process method used - heat extracted and separated by a centrifuge / cold pressed
4. Process time used - this can impact on the quality between the catch and processing.
5. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)- The higher the concentration will minimise the extra calories in their diet reducing the risk of obesity. These are needed for a healthy heart and blood circulation.
6. Delivery method - oil such as using a pump or pour, tablets, pills or capsules.
7. Quality - he colder the water, the more nutrients the fish contains. Iceland and Nordic countries are major suppliers of high quality salmon.
8. Sustainability - Choosing oils derived from sustainable fishing to respect marine life.
9. Price - The prices can vary on key elements however generally the higher prices correspond to higher levels of the quality and other factors.

What is the best salmon oil for dogs and cats?

A top pick for the best salmon oil for dogs are made from wild caught Alaskan salmon such as Grizzly Pure Wild Salmon Oil

Wild caught salmon could have up to a 30% higher Omega concentrate than farmed salmon due to the natural diet. Alaskan salmon is known for usually having a lower level or mercury, arsenic and the Alaska Department for Environmental control monitors the fish in its waters and they also ensure all the fisheries and manufacturers need to abide by USA laws around the food safety.

Cold pressed salmon oil

preserves the integrity of the ingredients producing a very concentrated salmon oil making it more economical to use.

Other things to look for in a quality salmon oil that have no artificial additives or nasty preservatives and that are ethically and sustainable sourced. One of the products that we usually stock that is both cold pressed salmon oil and is 100% pure salmon oil is Lovejoys Pure & Simple Salmon Oil and another is Brilliant Salmon Oil  that is currently the only salmon oil on the market made with a single ingredient processed sustainable and fully traceable. 

How do I give my dog or cat salmon oil?

You can give your dog or cat salmon oil easy to use by simply adding it to your pets food. Most salmon oil supplements are supplied with a pump and you simply pump the appropriate amount recommended amount onto your pets meal. Salmon oil has a natural, delicious taste that generally appeals to dogs, cats and all pets. Some pet owners also find it a good way of
increasing the palatability of their pets normal dry food!


How much salmon oil should I take daily?

If you are giving your pet a supplement, make sure you check the recommended dosage instructions on the label and expiration date. This is because you may find that the recommended dose is different depending on the brand of product and where you check.

The recommended dosage for using salmon oil for your dog or cat is usually calculated using their weight.

If salmon oil is being prescribed for usage in treating a specific condition work with your veterinarian and do mention to your vet if they are having prescribed medication.

As as alternative you can also pick foods or treats with salmon oil already in the list of ingredients which can be found within our dog food and cat food ranges. Salmon is a common ingredient found is high quality dog foods and cat foods.

Do you need to refrigerate salmon oil once opened?

Generally you do not need to refrigerate salmon oil once opened however its usually recommended that it is used within approx 3 months of being opened and stored out of direct light and is used before best before date and follow the manufacturers recommendation for both storage and usage.

Where can I buy salmon oil?

browse the full range of Salmon Oil we have available here at
mypetssupply for delivery straight to your door.

Want to know more about Omega 3?

Yes this is the link we mentioned about earlier in our article which is from The Kennel Club that you may find helpful.

In summary although there are many varieties of salmon oil supplements on the market, to get the most of the benefits they will be found in a high quality salmon oil supplement that is used. The main things to keep an eye out for is ingredients, origin and processing type and bear in mind the other differences mentioned earlier on in more detail.

Have you used salmon oil as a dog or cat supplement? Let us know your experience by sharing your comments you have below and don’t forget if you like this article why not follow, like and share it with your friends or family.

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