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Suet Coconut Feeders: 5 important reasons why you should be using them

on July 14, 2020

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home this year, and it’s allowed some of us to (ironically) discover what’s outside in our garden. If you are long time bird feeding veteran or new to the concept of helping our feathered friends stay in peak condition, you may have bought some of the more popular bird feeding items, such as sunflower hearts, bird feeders, suet logs or meal worms. Well did you know you can have all of that in 1, that’s also friendly to the environment? Suet coconut feeders are a fantastic way to ensure wild birds get all their important vitamins, minerals and juicy fats they need to thrive on, in order to fulfil their role in our countryside.


Here’s 5 important reasons you should be using suet coconut feeders:


1) Eco-friendly & natural

That’s right, being a coconut in all its glory means it’s completely naturals and isn’t made with any harmful substances to the environment or anything that could upset the creatures in your garden.

2) It’s both the feeder and the food

It’s easy to hang and already contains the full meal inside. Rather than buying a bird feeder with suet blocks, coconut feeders do a 1 in 1 job. If you don’t want an eye sore wire cage bird feeder, disposable coconuts could be just what you are looking for.

3) They are affordable and can be reused

Suet coconuts are extremely economical, especially for the amount of food they contain, and the convenience they offer. If you buy the whole coconut feeders, once empty, you can fill it with bird seed, mealworms or whatever you choose.

4) All year-round feeding

During the winter months metal can rust, plastic can break and wood can weather. Suet coconut feeders don’t do either of those, they are resiliently strong and can be easily disposed. The coconut also acts as a shield by protecting the content inside.

5) You can make your own

Grab a coconut, some suet or lard, raisins, peanuts and some grated cheese, put them together and you have your very own suet coconut feeder. Have some fun with the family by creating your own using ingredients you already have in your house.


My Pets Supply offers a large variety of choice for all types of wild bird feed and feeders. If you haven’t tried suet coconuts yet, why not? Get your garden birds a safe, hearty, healthy and delicious meal inside an eco-friendly feeder.

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