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5 Top tips to keep your pets calm during fireworks

on January 03, 2023

So we know that firework season is likely to be arriving soon and whilst it may be fun for us all the sudden loud noises, sudden flashes of bright light may trigger anxiety in our pets. Would you like to find out more what can calm a pet during fireworks, how you can help your dog, cat, small animal or pet to keep calm during fireworks and cope better with noises around them and is the happy pet they deserve to be? You have come to the right place!

Animals simply don’t understand what fireworks are and pets like dogs have far more sensitive hearing than us humans! Follow our 5 top tips to keep your pets calm during fireworks and make firework celebrations a less frightening experience for your pets.

Just like people, we must remember that for our pets a degree of nervousness and fear is essential in survival so it’s a natural behaviour however when this reaction takes place of something that is not actually going to do harm to them it can feel a distressing situation for both your pet and pet parent.

Symptoms to look out for showing signs that your pet is stressed out or worried include tucked tail, flattened ears, shivering, panting, whining, grinding teeth, pacing, aggression, destructive behaviour, and changing in toilet habits. The good news is that there are all sorts of solutions for pet anxiety including some rather tasty pet calming treats so lets get started…


1.      Exercise

Provide your pet with plenty of physical exercise before the fireworks begin and in daylight.

Keeping dogs on a lead at all times during fireworks season can help to keep them safe as they often run off without warning if they get scared suddenly,

For cats, try to let them out earlier so you can keep them in before the fireworks start.


2.      Safe environment

Give them a safe place to hide indoors, somewhere that is calm, snug and safe. If you put them in a pet friendly comfy location with food, water bowls toys and bedding. If possible, stay with them to give them reassurance.

Close curtains and lock windows and doors and don’t forget to lock the cat flap if you have one! To avoid those great escapes which could put your pet in danger!

To help distract when loud fireworks are set off try putting on some soothing music or TV to drown out background noise.

Its not just dogs and cats, all your little creatures need a bit of extra care too like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and birds.

If possible, for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils a good option is to bring their hutch inside during fireworks season in a house, garage or shed. Providing some extra bedding like hay or woodshavings in a ventilated cardboard box to let them burrow themselves into it to feel safe and away from the noise.


3.      Minimize outdoor sounds and buffer the light

Closing windows and curtains can help to soundproof and muffle the noises and block out those flashing lights. For small animals, if you are unable to bring them inside try laying some thick blankets over part of the hutch. Remember to give them a suitable gap for ventilation.


4.      Reward confidence

When your pet shows signs they are recovering from a nervous behaviour however long this may take! Reward them with attention, toys, treats or anything else they enjoy. This way they can learn that good things come to them if they react normally. In these situations, rewarding good behaviour and bravery can make a world of difference to your pets stress levels.

Good options to help keep their mind off what is going on around them and distract away from fears is stimulating toys like a treat dispensing toy. For dogs, keeping dogs occupied with dog toys like stuffed chew toys or dog treats like a long lasting chew like Dogsee can help to keep them distracted.

5.      Consider calming products

Some calming products can take time to work so ensure you try to plan ahead. There are many different types to choose from. It can be a good idea to use calming products close to their safe hideout.

Pheromone products are natural chemical ‘signals’ to communicate different messages. Ones used in pheromone diffusers and spray products like Pet Remedy Party Season Survival Kit can create a bit of a safe feeling for dogs and cats although unfortunately this is not currently an option available for small animals. However there is an alternative for small animals that contain calming essential oils like this calming kit from Pet Remedy

There are also calming treats usually referred to as nutraceuticals for dogs and cats like True Leaf which include naturally calming herbs such as chamomile to promote a sense of calm in our sensitive pet companions.

There are a number of calming natural supplements such as Swedencare Kalm Aid available for dogs and cats which most are made from natural ingredients to promote calming and stress relief.

Take a look in our online store to find the best choice for your pet.

Consult your local vet for medication such as trazodone if your pet gets particularly frightened by fireworks and louds noises.


If you try even one of these top tips, hopefully you will not only see a decrease in your pets stress levels but in yours as well!

Do remember though that if you show that you are nervous your pet is sure to sense your feelings of tension. If you can try not to make any sudden movements, scream or anything that might make them startled.

You may find that it is not a one size fits all solution and a combination may work best for calming techniques. You can always know that by trying that you will make some good choices for your furry companion.

The most important thing to do is to have fun, keep safe and remain calm during fireworks. We hope you find these tips help to keep your pets calm and safe during firework season. Do you have any more top tips? Share with us your solution in the comments box below.

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